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A trip along the Pontine Coast, Lazio

Lest anyone accuse me of being ‘grumpy-expat’ (moi?) I thought it time to share with you some of the beautiful sights of the Pontine Coast (and its islands, too) where we are fortunate enough to have a family holiday house. If this doesn’t encourage you to visit Italy, nothing will. I shall be mostly letting the pictures do the talking in this post (a thousand words, right?)

But first, a little basic geography:

There’s Rome on the left, Napoli on the right, in between you’ll see Frosinone – centre of the universe and the most beautiful town in Italy (ahem) – look south and there you have it – Terracina, the main resort on this beautiful stretch of coastline.


Terracina has everything you want in an Italian seaside town -golden beaches, quaint tree-lined streets bustling with bars, boutiques and gelateria, pretty harbour, and a beautiful ‘centro storico’ (historic centre) up on the hill, away from the busy beach part, and heaving with Roman ruins as well as gorgeous bars and restaurants. Oddly enough, I don’t have many pictures of Terracina,  (so you might want to Google-image it later!) but I did come across this cute family snap from Easter-time which was taken on the steps of the beautiful church in the centro storico.Picture 180

Awwwww 🙂

Here follows a selection of photos of the many other bewitching towns, villages and resorts in the area:


If you fancy holidaying in this area, or any other part of Italy, and wanna do it like an Italian, why not talk to Cristian at Stone Travel – it’s okay, he speaks English (with a charming Italian accent, win-win!).  Click the link to see the website, tour options, and lots  more luscious photos of Bella Italia 🙂

Never too early to book your next summer holiday, I reckon…

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  1. Anonymous

    Gorgeous pics of scenery and especially Tamsin. Love the bikini! Tried to recognise the feet. Discounted Mario because of their size! Mum & Dad.

    • Ciao Father!! You came up as ‘someone’ so it’s nice to work out it’s you! Thanks for reading/watching, glad you liked the pics xxx

  2. Chris Pellow

    Evening cousin. The link to the rest of the post won’t work. Is it me or is there a problem?


  3. Katie Meiklejohn

    Sperlonga my favourite place Helen but we don’t want too many visitors or it won’t be our ‘hidden’ spot any longer! Katie

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